Again this year we have prepared a thousand food parcels for distribution to families in difficulty in Reading

Making the boxes

Volunteers assembled 1000 boxes

Lorry delivering the food

The lorry arrived with all the food . . .

the chain gang at work

. . . and we unloaded it . . .


. . . and stacked everything ready for packing

all the food is in place

All ready to start packing

Meridian TV cameraman

. . . Meridian Television came to record the packing and interviewed Christiaan

BBC cameraman BBC cameraman

the BBC also sent a cameraman

Iain being interviewed by Radio Berkshire

Major Iain was interviewd by BBC Radio Berkshire

filling the boxes

. . . and everyone else got on with filling the boxes

filling the boxes filling the boxes

filling the boxes

boxes awaiting distribution

Finally the boxes were stacked to await distribution