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We are always grateful to Christian people that take time to prepare to lead our worship on Sunday. In order to enable us all to benefit from your ministry, the following notes have been prepared for guidance.

  • Before the morning meeting and in the evening when the band is in attendance the band normally plays for about five minutes
  • There should be an offering during which the piano will play and when it is complete someone will be delegated to pray.
  • Time should be found to include some local announcements by the Corps Sergeant Major (CSM).
  • The congregation will have the NIV translation of the Bible.

  • Sunday morning

  • At the start of this meeting the band will be seated on the platform behind the meeting leader.
  • The band normally plays for the first congregational song (hymn) and for any other songs requested by the meeting leader.
  • Other songs would be accompanied by piano and organ.
  • The band will normally play a piece of devotional music of the bandmaster′s choice.
  • The Songster Brigade (choir) and Singing Company (junior choir) and Young People′s band normally sing/play items.
  • During the meeting, children of the Sunday School will leave so it is important that any content to be focused on them should be early in the meeting.
  • The meeting will normally last for about 80 minutes.
  • At the end of the meeting the organ or other music will be played. It is suggested that all remain seated for a few moments to appreciate the music and to allow those who wish to continue in prayer to do so in quietness. After the music, you are requested to go to the foyer to greet the congregation as the people leave.

  • Sunday evening

    The format and content of this meeting is very flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs. Please discuss these in advance. If the band and songsters are not participating this meeting will usually take place in the small hall.

    Audio - Visual facilities

    We have facilities for displaying words pictures and video and these are used in most Sunday meetings. There is also a sound amplification system and a CD player. The amplification system links to a loop system for those with hearing difficulties (main hall only).

    Sound amplification

    The rostrum has a single fixed microphone. Additional fixed microphones and a hand-held radio microphone can be provided.

    Visual display

    The use of the projector to display words of songs, pictures, video etc is encouraged but it is essential that a list of all requirements and any visual material are provided by Thursday evening. This should include:

  • The meeting plans (including song titles/song book numbers)
  • Any images required for projection
  • DVD discs
  • Any Microsoft© Powerpoint© files
  • This is to enable us to program your requirements in good time to ensure that everything works smoothly.

    We operate a rota for control of the A/V equipment. Use the link in the left panel to send all the material to the projection team
    Note that we use "SongPro" meeting presentation software to display pictures, songs and other text. We do not routinely use Powerpoint but we can include your Powerpoint (version 2007) presentations.

    Displaying songs

    The "SongPro" meeting presentation software has a database of about 5000 songs and these include The Salvation Army Song book, Magnify, Songs of Fellowship and New Christmas Praise. It also contains many of the songs from The Source, Complete Mission Praise and Happiness and Harmony. We can add any other songs from these publications as required. If you need to use any other songs you should supply the words and music. Should the need arise, additional songs may be added during the meeting but this involves an element of risk and should be done only when necessary.

    Displaying other text

    Short text sequences can be displayed, as can passages from the NIV bible. Please provide details of what is required. Whilst bible passages can be displayed, our normal practice is to display only the reference.

    Displaying pictures

    Pictures can be displayed either as background to text or on their own. Note however that pictures lose contrast during summer months due to high ambient lighting. Please send pictures in any standard picture format.

    Displaying video

    Reading Central now has a licence to show commercial video material covered by CCLi. If any other video material is to be shown, it is the responsibility of meeting leaders to obtain permission from the copyright owners. Please send the DVD well in advance of the meeting so that we can select the scenes required. If you are supplying short video clips the preferred format is Windows Media Video (.wmv). If they are in any other format we will do our best to convert them, so please let us have them as soon as possible to enable us to do this.

    Doing it all yourself

    You may prefer to control your own presentations from the rostrum using your own computer. Note however that it is not convenient to switch computer inputs during a meeting.