Thy life in me

A new recording by
Reading Central band
Bandmaster: Paul Mortlock

A selection of 19 inspirational pieces. Each composition has an accompanying PDF file containing a Bible study and complete words for the songs associated with the music, for use in corporate worship or private devotion.

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Vox Dilecti
Voice of The Beloved

Due for release on Saturday 5th October 2013

  1. Vox Dilecti ©Kenneth Downie - Kenneth Downie 3.46
  2. Bethany Henry Smart arr. Steadman-Allen 2.59
  3. St Magnus Ray Steadman-Allen 3.02
  4. My Heart′s Desire Ray Bowes 3.35
  5. The Mission ©General Music Ltd. - Ennio Morricone arr. Bernaerts 3.53
  6. Now I Belong to Jesus M/s Mervyn Clarke 3.15
  7. Everlasting Love M/s Keith Manners 4.47
  8. I Know a Fount Thomas Rive 3.06
  9. Ascalon Ralph Pearce 4.07
  10. Abide With Me Ray Bowes 3.05
  11. My All is on the Altar Morley Calvert 4.20
  12. Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicaea) Ray Steadman-Allen 2.45
  13. Love Divine Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. Jakeway 3.05
  14. Now Thank we all our God Kenneth Elloway 2.27
  15. In His Presence Andrew Mackereth 4.33
  16. With Gladsome Mind Norman Bearcroft 2.35
  17. Hold Thou my Hand Eric Ball 4.30
  18. When I Survey Olaf Ritman 5.32
  19. Guardian of my Soul Darren Shaw 4.45

Study notes for one track.
These are on the disc for each track