Thy life in me

A recording by:

Reading Central band

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Reflective Praise

  1. March: Freedom From Sin
  2. Song Setting: I Know Thou Art Mine
  3. Fanfare, hymn And Thanksgiving
  4. Chorus Arrangement: As The Dear
  5. March: Spirit Of The Army
  6. Gospel Song: What A Friend
  7. Cornet Solo: This Is My Story
  8. Chorus Setting: In Perfect Peace
  9. Classical Transcription: Fourth Movement from Symphony No.9 'From The New World
  10. Song Setting: Mid All The Traffic
  11. March: Reading Celebration
  12. Hymn Setting: Nicea
  13. Classical Transcription: Rhondo Alla Turca
  14. Cornet Solo: Share My Yoke
  15. Festival March: Able
  16. Selection: None Other Name
  17. Prelude: St. Columba
  18. Spirit Of Joy